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Student Activity Card Holograms Activity Card Holograms<p>Holograms are required on your Student Activity Card for all school activities - holgrams are available to purchase for $10 from the SAC Office at lunchtime​​</p>
Graduation Photo Retakes Photo Retakes<p>Graduation Photo Retakes​​</p>
Semester One Exams One Exams<p>Semester One Exams are January 25, 26, 29, 30, 31​​</p>
Staples continues BYOD program for SCDSB families continues BYOD program for SCDSB families<p>​​​Staples is continuing to offer a BYOD program for SCDSB families, to provide affordable options for families considering a technology purchase. <br><br>Information about the program, including product details and how to order, is available below. If you have questions about the program, please contact your nearest Staples store.<br><br><a href="">Staples ​BYOD program lett​er​​​</a></p>
Scheduled system maintenance - Dec. 29-31 system maintenance - Dec. 29-31<p>​Please be advised that the Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) is performing planned maintenance on its network and systems <strong>between 5 p.m. on Dec. 29, 2017 and 5 a.m. on Dec. 31, 2017</strong><strong>.</strong> <strong>The SCDSB website, Learning Centres website and school websites will be affected</strong>, with periods of unavailability. </p>
Viking Visions November 2017 Visions November 2017<p>​<a href="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/Nov2017.pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" />Nov2017.pdf</a></p>
Mid Term Report Cards Sent Home - November 20 Term Report Cards Sent Home - November 20<p>​​​​</p>
National Addiction Awareness Week Addiction Awareness Week<p style="margin:0px;"><span style="margin:0px;color:#1155cd;"><font face="Calibri" size="3">​Nov 12 </font></span><span style="margin:0px;color:#1155cd;font-size:6.5pt;">th </span><span style="margin:0px;color:#1155cd;"><font face="Calibri" size="3">– 18 </font></span><span style="margin:0px;color:#1155cd;font-size:6.5pt;">th </span><span style="margin:0px;color:#1155cd;"><font face="Calibri" size="3">is National Addiction Awareness Week. The SCDSB will be marking this week by providing</font></span></p><p style="margin:0px;"><span style="margin:0px;color:#1155cd;"><font face="Calibri" size="3">schools with a variety of resources to increase awareness and education among staff and students. We</font></span></p><p style="margin:0px;"><span style="margin:0px;color:#1155cd;"><font face="Calibri" size="3">hope that your child will share some of what they are learning this week and we have included some</font></span></p><p style="margin:0px;"><span style="margin:0px;color:#1155cd;"><font face="Calibri" size="3">helpful resources to support you in the conversations you may be having with your children throughout</font></span></p><p style="margin:0px;"><span style="margin:0px;color:#1155cd;"><font face="Calibri" size="3">the week.​</font></span></p><p>​</p>
Graduation Photos Photos<p>Graduation Photos are happening from November 20-24.  Sign up in the main office.​​</p>
Night of Excellence of Excellence<p>Wed. Oct. 25 from 7-9pm in our gym we will celebrate academic achievements from 2016/17. Invited students are required to arrive by 6:30pm. Light refreshments will follow in our brand new cafeteria space.​​</p>