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​Our Mathematics Department is committed to helping students learn and understand math fundamentals. We strive to show students how math applies in our daily lives—and how fun math can be. An understanding of math can help students make sense of the world around them. It's a requirement for various post-secondary options.

Ontario Curriculum, Mathematics

EQAO M​ath Results

EQAO Math Resources


MAT1LBGrade 9 Supported Mathematics
MAT1LLMathematics, Locally Developed
MFM1P1Foundations of Mathematics, Applied
MPM1D1Principles of Mathematics, Academic
MPM1DGPrinciples of Mathematics, Academic (Gifted Cluster)
MAT2LLMathematics, Locally Developed
MFM2P1Foundations of Mathematics, Applied
MPM2D1Principles of Mathematics, Academic
MPM2DGPrinciples of Mathematics, Academic (Gifted Cluster)
MBF3C1Foundations for College Math, College
MCF3M1Functions & Applications, Univ/College
MCR3U1Functions, University
MEL3E1Math for Work & Everyday Life, Workplace
MAP4C1Foundations for College Math, College
MCT4C1Mathematics for College Technology, College
MCV4U1Calculus and Vectors, University
MDM4U1Mathematics of Data Management, University
MEL4E1Math for Work & Everyday Life, Workplace
MHF4U1Advanced Functions, University