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Our science classes are hands-on. We strive to inspire students and to encourage them to question assumptions about the world around them. Our aim is to help students cultivate a passion for science.​

Ontario Curriculum, Science

Online Textbooks  

Grade 9 Academic 4d0c7788

Grade 10 Academic 46caeccb


SNC1D1Science, Academic
SNC1DGScience, Academic (Gifted Cluster)
SNC1LLScience, Locally Developed
SNC1P1Science, Applied
SNC2D1Science, Academic
SNC2DGScience, Academic (Gifted Cluster)
SNC2LLScience, Locally Developed
SNC2P1Science, Applied
SBI3C1Biology, College
SBI3U1Biology, University
SCH3U1Chemistry, University
SPH3U1Physics, University
SVN3E1Science, Workplace
SVN3M1Environmental Science, Grade 11, University/College Preparation
SBI4U1Biology, University
SCH4C1Chemistry, College
SCH4U1Chemistry, University
SES4U1Earth and Space Science, University
SNC4E1Science, Workplace
SNC4M1Science, Grade 12, University/College Preparation
SPH4C1Physics, College
SPH4U1Physics, University


Mrs. E. Corcoran
Mrs. E. Dewey
Mr. J. Fisher
Mr. I. Hunter
Mrs. T. Laurin
Mrs. C. Mills
Mr. R. Kadziorski
Mr. J. Wiggins

Friendly Web Site Links

Earth Space and Science

Candian Space Agency
astronomy Picture of the Day


Online Periodic Table - Chemistry
Learn Chemistry
YouTube - "Crash Course Chemistry"
YouTube - Chemical Curiosities
Balancing Equations
American Chemical Society
Mole Day Web Site


Doc Zone Series - Zoo Revolution - a great debate about zoos 
Biology Corner
Biology for Kids

Physics - your guide to physics on the web
Physics World
Physics Classroom
Physics Central

General Science

Discovery Science
Khan Academy
Ontario Exam Bank- buy exams to practice for your classes
Gizmos - online interactive tools to learn a variety of math and science topics

Science Enrichment Opportunities

CHEM13 and Avogadro Chemistry Contests
Shad Valley - science enrichment program
Science Centre School- learn about taking Grade 12 science courses at the Ontario Science Centre
Perimeter Institute - summer programs