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Social Sciences & Humanities

Our Social Sciences & Humanities Department provides a range of courses that help to build students' understanding of the world. We use current events and hands-on activities to help build students' empathy and character.​

Ontario Curriculum, Social Sciences and Humanities


​HIF1O1​Exploring Family Studies , Open
​HFN2O1​Food and Nutrition, Open
​HNL2O1​Clothing, Open
​HPC3O1​Raising Healthy Children, Open
​HFC3E1Food and Culture, Open
​HFC3M1​Food and Culture, University/College Preparation
​HHD301​Dynamics of Human Relationships, Open
​HPW3C1​Working with Infants and Young Children, College Preparation
​HRT3M1​World Religions and Belief Traditions: Perspectives, Issues, and Challenges, University/College Preparation
​HSP3C1​Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and sociology, college Preparation
​HSP3U1​Introduction to Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology, University Preparation
​HRT3M1​World Religions and Belief Traditions: Perspectives, Issues, and Challenges
​HFC3M`​Food and Culture
​​HHD3O1​Dynamics of Human Relationships
​HPD4C1​Working with School-Age Children & Adolescents, College Preparation
​HFC3E1​Food and Culture
​HIP4O1​Personal Life Management, Open
​HFA4C1​Nutrition & Health, College Preparation
​HFA4U1​Nutrition and Health, University Preparation
​HHS4C1​Families in Canada, College Preparation
​HHS4U1​Families in Canada, University Preparation
​HSC4MV​World Cultures, University/College Preparation
​HZT4U1​Philosophy: Questions and Theories