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Arts Council

Advisor: Mr. Rothenburg
This student-run club promotes the arts at Barrie North. All Visual Arts, Drama, Music students, and students generally interested in supporting the arts are invited to meet every Wednesday at lunch in the Music room (172). They help organize school fund raising activities to support all arts departments. Students contribute to North's Moving Pictures film and media festival in November and ArtBeats showcase in May, as well as other arts-related events, such as the school musical, and Portfolio 2012 at MacLaren Art Centre.

Meetings: Wednesdays, lunch, all year, Music Room (172)

Arts Club

Advisor: Ms. Paul

If you love being creative and having fun exploring and producing various visual art projects, this club is for you.  You will learn traditional art forms such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and so on.  In addition to creating individual art, you will have opportunities to contribute art throughout the school, at the Education Centre, and in the community.  Stay tuned for meeting times during lunch in room 230.​

Canoe and Kayak Club

Advisor: Mr. Ellis

Barrie North’s Canoe Club is very active!  We run four day, overnight canoe trips both spring and fall for students of all grades.  This very popular event is usually sells out!  We are well outfitted for tripping and travel to various places in Muskoka and Georgian Bay regions. These trips PROMISE to make lasting memories of your high school years.

We also run day paddling trips, day hikes and other outdoor events like snowshoeing and routinely take part in “Take Me Outside!” days.  Students are invited to join us on any of our outings.  Swim tests are required for all water activities.  Students should stay tuned to VTV news for all the details they would need.

Classics Club 

Advisor: D. Turnbull

Open to all Latin and Classics students, or anybody interested in the classical world.  We look at Classics in the world today, including movies, games, etc. We meet Fridays at lunch.

Concert Band

Directed by Mr. Pethick

The Concert Band is all-levels instrumental ensemble made up of music students who play woodwinds, brass, and percussion. It practices once a week to prepare a variety of concert music for performances at Holiday Harmony and ArtBeats concerts, Georgian Bay Regional Music Fest in Collingwood, and Canada's Wonderland School Music Festival. 

Meetings: Tuesdays 2:30-4pm, all year Music room (172)

Concert Choir  

Directed by Mr. Rothenburg

If you love to sing in a group and want to learn many songs of various styles, come out every Monday at lunch (10:40-11:45 in the Music room (172). You do not have to be a music student or have any music reading experience. All you need is a good ear, a willingness to project and pitch your voice, and lots of enthusiasm. This choir performs at North's Remembrance Day service, Social Justice Club coffeehouses, Holiday Harmony concert, and ArtBeats concert.

Meetings: Mondays, 10:40-11:45am, all year, Music Room (172)

Drama Club

Advisor: Mr. Shanks

French Clubs

Advisor: Ms. Potvin

   LeClub AP

    Meets in Room 232 on Tuesdays at lunch

   LeClub B2

    Meets in Room 229 on Thursdays at lunch

Green Team

Advisor: TBD
The Green Team is a club that partakes in activities to promote environmental awareness.

Improv Club

Advisor: Mr. Shanks

If you love to perform and you are quick on your feet, but you don't like memorizing lines, the Improv club is the place for you. We just make it up as we go! The Improv Club meets every Friday after school. Interestingly, seven members from the club were selected to compete as a team in the Canadian Improv Games for the 2010-2011 season. Each team is required to perform 4 out of the 5 event. These events are:

Life Event
In the Life event, the team must present an improvised scene "honestly and sincerely." This may include "moments" in peoples' lives, or merely a realistic representation of an unrealistic situation. Events in a life scene must be dealt with truthfully. The premise of a scene can range from a first date, or family trauma to the car not starting.

Character Event
In the Story event, a team must perform "an original story in an improvised setting, including an aspect of narration." Forms of narration vary, but each improvised story must contain a beginning, middle, and end (not necessarily in that order). It is of utmost importance that these three sections are obvious to the audience, because it is those elements that define the scene as a story.

Theme Event
In the Theme event, the teams are "given a theme which they must explore in one or more scenes." Theme is quite unique and different from the other games as unlike the other events where the inspiration and suggestion comes from the audience, and its usually given to the team by the host. However, if the team wishes, they are allowed to ask for another suggestion from the audience. For example, this could be a location in which to explore the theme in.

Style Event
A Style event showcases the team's ability to portray a certain genre of media, usually from film, theater, or television. Mime, cheesy horror film, sports presenter, Disney musicals, Shakespeare, and infomercial are examples of different styles that have been seen in performances. Teams may put a lot of research into the style. Also, they are not meant to parody a genre but actually produce an example of that genre.

Jazz Band

Directed by Mr. Rothenburg

If you are experienced playing various jazz styles on flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, guitar, or drums and percussion, come out on Thursdays after school from 2:30 to 4pm in the Music room (172). Focus is on playing challenging pieces in swing, bebop, Latin, funk, rock, and ballad styles. Everyone will learn to improvise individually on their instruments. This band performs at the Holiday Harmony and ArtBeats concerts, Grade 8 night, coffeehouse fund raisers, school assemblies, elementary schools, and the Georgian Bay Regional Music Fest in Collingwood. Occasionally it performs at community events at such venues as the MacLaren Art Centre and at the Simcoe County District School Board.

Meetings: Thursdays 2:30 to 4:00 pm, all year, Music Room (172)

Mock Trial Team

Advisor: R. Cobbett
Once given our case (defense or crown), students meet weekly at the court house with our lawyers (and during our short lunch) in preparation for the Mock Trial competition.

Meetings: February - April

Model U.N.

Advisors: A. Reesor
Every May, SCDSB students teams meet at the Education Centre to discuss and debate international issues as part of the Model U.N. program. Barrie North's Model U.N. team is comprised of students from Grades 9 to 12. After being assigned a country, team members prepare by researching the political, economic, social, environmental (etc) positions and perspectives of their country and take that knowledge to the General Assembly. At the Model U.N, students gather in small-group Regional Meetings to work towards meaningful change in several areas of focus and then later bring the results of those discussions back to the larger General Assembly. Barrie North's Model U.N. team meets weekly in Semester 2. 

Music Parents Association

To all parents and guardians of Barrie North Music students:
Do you have a child who has enjoyed or is currently a part of the music program this year at Barrie North? Did he/she have an instrument of good quality to play and a variety of music from which to choose? Opportunities to hear performances by outside groups, such as a cappella vocal group Cadence? A chance to perform at Georgian Bay Regional MusicFest and Canada's Wonderland School Music Festival? See a concert by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra? The opportunity to work with MIDI computers in the music computer lab? The possibility of going to New York City or Chicago on a music trip? The chance of going to Ontario Educational Leadership camp for the Arts?

If so, most of these opportunities are made possible due to the support of the Barrie North Music Parents' Association. This group of dedicated volunteers is responsible for providing support for the music teachers by financial contributions from fundraising, providing help at concerts and school musicals, providing chaperones for various group-subsidized field trips related to the music curriculum, and generally being a help to the teachers in providing a well-balanced and exciting music program.

The Music Parents' Association provides opportunities for the students to fundraise towards music event participation, thus offsetting their cost of travel, bussing, and tickets to concerts and workshops. Workshops, guest speakers and concerts are often funded fully by Music Parents, to allow teachers to spend their budget directly on classroom curriculum and resources. Music Parents also provide funds for updating annual music plaques and trophies and for monetary awards given to graduating Music students at Commencement.

Fund raising activities include Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery fund raising program, Drysdales Christmas wreaths, MacMillan's Gourmet Cookie and Muffin Dough.

As always, there is a turnover in the group, as students (and parents) graduate. So your help is desperately needed. Please consider coming to the meetings and supporting this very important group, and thereby helping your child gain a richer musical experience in high school.

For more information, please contact Mr. Rothenburg or Mr. Pethick (726-6541).

Photography Club

Advisor: Mr. Pethick
The Barrie North Photography Club is dedicated to the enjoyment of all aspects of photography. Members include students with a wide range of interests and abilities, and whether interested in digital or analogue, color or black and white, prints or slides, all are welcome to join. Club meetings are full of learning opportunities and are encouraged through member and/or guest presentations, image sharing and critiquing, and exhibition excursions.

Prom Committee

Advisor: S. Gibbons
Plan and organize Barrie North's Senior Prom and all the tasks that go with this project.

Meetings: Planning occurs all year, with heavier focus two months prior to the event. Prom will be held May 3, 2019.

Science Club

Advisors: J. Wiggins, R. Kadziorksi, C. Mills

The science club is a lunch time group that participates in a variety of activities related to the study of science.  It is designed for grade 9 to 12 students who are interested in exploring the science in their daily lives, and taking a leadership role within the science community.

Meetings: Late October to late March, usually Thursdays during lunch time.

Spoken Word Club

Teacher: Mrs. Turnbull

Spoken word is the art of performing poetry aloud.  This club is for students who are interested in poetry and performing their poems.  No experience is necessary.  All students need is an enthusiasm for poetry.

CAN - Christians at North

Advisor: G. Hamilton
This club provides an opportunity for students to meet and get to know other students in the school that share their faith. We watch Christian music videos and share in activities to get to know one another.

Meetings: Monday at lunch, beginning in late October.

Tech Crew

Advisor: Mr. Emslie
The Tech Crew set up and monitor sound, lighting and projection for many school events. Learn to use microphones and computerized lighting.

Season: all year long, as needed