The Canadian and World Studies Department offers a range of compulsory and optional courses. We aim to provide students with a deeper understanding of our country and the world.

Ontario Curriculum, Canadian and World Studies
Canadian and World Studies Research Paper Guide



History, Law, Politics

CHC2D1 Canadian History, Academic
CHC2DG Canadian History (Gifted Cluster)
CHC2LL Canadian History, Locally Developed
CHC2P1 Canadian History, Applied
CIVCA Civics/Careers Full Credit Package, Open
NAC201 Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, Open
CHA3U1 American History, University
CHT3O1 20th Century History: Global & Regional Perspectives, Open
CHM4E1 Adventures in World History, Workplace Preparation
CHW3M1 World History to the Sixteenth Century, Univ/College
CHY4C1 World History since the Fifteenth Century, College Preparation
CIA4U1 Analyzing Current Economic Issues, University Preparation
CLU3E1 Understanding Canadian Law
CLU3M1 Understanding Canadian Law, Univ/College
CLN4C1 Legal Studies, college Preparation
CLN4U1 Canadian & International Law, University
CPW4U1 Canadian & World Politics, University
CHY4U1 World History: The West & the World, University


CGC1D1 Geography of Canada, Academic
CGC1DG Geography of Canada, Academic (Gifted Cluster)
CGC1P1 Geography of Canada, Applied
CGC1PB Geography of Canada, Applied, (for students with in Individual Education Plan)
CGF3M1 Physical Geography, Univ/College
CGG3O1 Geography Travel & Tourism, Open
CGR4M1 The Environment and Resource Management University/College Preparation
CGU4U1 World Geography: Human Patterns & Interactions, University
CGW4C1 World Issues: A Geographic Analysis, College Preparation
CGW4U1 Canadian & World Issues: Geo. Analysis, University