The English Department provides compulsory and optional courses. Our courses help students succeed in all other subject areas by building their understanding of the English language, and developing their communication and critical thinking skills.

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ENG1D1 English, Academic
ENG1DG English, Academic (Gifted Cluster)
ENG1LL English, Locally Developed
ENG1P1 English, Applied
ENG2D1 English, Academic
ENG2DG English, Academic (Gifted Cluster)
ENG2LL English, Locally Developed
ENG2P1 English, Applied
ENG2PA English, sports & Entertainment Focus, Applied
EMS3O1 Media Studies, Open
ENG3C1 English, College
NBE3C1 English, Contemporary First Nations, Metis & Inuit voices, College Preparation
ENG3E1 English, Workplace
ENG3U1 English, University
NBE3U1 English, Contemporary First Nations, Metis & Inuit Voices, University Preparation
ENG3UG English, University (Gifted Cluster)
ENG4C1 English, College
ENG4E1 English, Workplace
ENG4U1 English, University
EWC4C1 The Writer's Craft, College
EWC4U1 The Writer's Craft, University
OLC4O1 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course