Core FrenchHigh school is a great time for students to learn new languages. The Languages Department provides a range of options for students.

In addition, students can take additional International Languages courses through The Learning Centres. These credit courses are offered outside of the school day.


Ontario Curriculum, French as a Second Language


FSF1D1 Core French
FSF1O1 Core French (Open)
FIF1DU French Immersion
FSF2D1 Core French (Academic)
FSF2P1 Core French (Applied)
FIF2DU French Immersion
FIF2DP French Immersion
FSF3U1 Core French (University)
FSF3UP Core French (University) Advanced Placement
FSF4U1 Core French (University)
FSF4UP Core French (University) Advanced Placement

Latin and Classics

Ontario Curriculum, Classical and International Languages


LVLBD1 Latin & Classics, Academic (Level One)
LVLCU1 Latin, University Intermediate ( Level Two)
LVLDU1 Latin, University Intermediate (Level Three)
LVV4U1 Classical Civilizations, University