Grade 8s - we look forward to working with you this year! 

Please check this site regularly to keep up to date with Grade 8 transition news and activities!

As we progress throughout the school year, information about the Grade 8 transition process will be posted here and, if you are a current SCDSB student, on our Guidance Google site (you must log in with your SCDSB Google account to access this site). 


20 Reasons Why North is Amazing! 2023-2024

Open House 2024

Grade 8 Transition Activities

Barrie North Collegiate IEP Information for Grade 8s

A Planning Guide for Success at Barrie North Collegiate

Grade 9 Course Selection 2024-2025

A Planning Guide for Success at Barrie North Collegiate - French Immersion

Grade 9 French Immersion course selection 2024-2025

After Grade 9

What You Need to Graduate

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Ms. Kirkpatrick  (Cundles Heights, Emma King, Maple Grove, Minesing)

[email protected] Phone extension 41171


Ms. Alexander  (Andrew Hunter, Hillcrest, Portage View, West Bayfield, Gifted-Enriched Out of Area Students)

[email protected] Phone extension 41173


Ms. Reesor    (Codrington, Forest Hill, Oakley Park, Portage View, French Immersion,Learn-from-Home, Out of Area)

[email protected] Phone extension 41175


Guidance Office Assistant Ms. Elizabeth Mavor [email protected] Phone extension 41170