In the Health & Physical Education Department we strive to inspire students to live healthy, active lives. Our courses are designed for students of various abilities. We want students to develop a holistic understanding of health and wellness that will benefit them during their adolescence and beyond. Students interested in health-related post-secondary and career options can build their knowledge and experience through our range of courses.

Ontario Curriculum, Health and Physical Education


PPL1OF Healthy Active Living Education , Open (Female)
PPL1OM Healthy Active Living Education, Open (Male)
PPL1O1 Healthy Active Living Education (Open)
PPL1OU Healthy Active Living Education (Open/Coed) French Immersion only
PPL2O1 Healthy Active Living Education, Co-Curricular, (Co-ed) Open, Leadership Focused
PPL2OM Healthy Active Living Education, Open (Male)
PAF2OF Personal & Fitness Activities, Open (Female)
PPL3O1 Healthy Active Living, Open
PAF3O1 Health for Life, Open (Weight Training)
PAI301 Healthy Living and Individual and Small-Group Activities, Open (Yoga Focus)
PAL3O1 Introductory Football, Open
PPL4O1 Healthy Active Living, Open
PLF4M1 Recreation and Heathly Active Living Leadership, University/College Preparation
PAL4O1 Healthy Living and Large Group Activities, Open (Football Focus)
PAF4O1 Healthy Living and Personal & Fitness Activities (Weightlifting)
PSK4U1 Introductory Kinesiology, University Preparation