The Business Department aims to provide students with a range of programming options designed to prepare them for all post-secondary pathways. In our business courses, we use real-world scenarios and current events to help students build their critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills.

Ontario Curriculum, Business, Grades 9 and 10
Ontario Curriculum, Business, Grades 11 and 12

Why Take Business?

Students who take Business courses generally enjoy Business courses for these reasons: project based, computer based, interactive, online, and enjoyable. All courses offer an online component and some courses are fully online. Get prepared for the digital learning environment you will face at college and university.

Barrie North offers a Specialist High Skills Major in Sports Marketing and Management. Careers in Sports Marketing and Management such as ticket sales, sports broadcasting, journalism, being a general manager, player development, designing advertising campaigns and more await upon completion of this program. If you are a sports fan, or have ever wanted to work in the sporting industry, this program is for you. The Specialist Program in Sports Marketing and Management offers a wide variety of specialized training. Students will have the opportunity to take Ministry certified courses, as well as extend their learning on exciting field trips and experiential learning activities. Students will also gain certifications in CPR, WHMIS, First Aid and more.

Business Courses

BTT 101 – Information & Computer Technology in Business, Open
Introduces you to the world of communication technology. Learn a wide variety of programs from Office to Dreamweaver, from Flash to Photoshop.

BTT 201 – Information & Computer Technology in Business, Open
Introduces you to the world of communication technology. Learn a wide variety of programs from Office to Dreamweaver, from Flash to Photoshop.

BBI 201 – Introduction to Business, Open
Welcome to the world of business where you learn about personal finance, owning and operating a business, and marketing among others. Play simulation games to heighten your understanding of many topics.

BAF 3M – Financial Accounting Fundamentals, University/College Preparation
Get on the right track to becoming an accountant. This will introduce you to all accounting terminology, financial statements, and procedures. This course is 100% online. Prerequisite: None

BDI 3C1 – Entrepreneurship: The Venture, College Preparation
Ever wanted to run your own business? This course gets you set up and prepared on how to make it happen. Prerequisite: None

BTA 301 – Information and Communication Technology – The Digital Environment, Open
Get used to working in the world of technology. Learn every program that will help you be successful in your educational life and heighten your understand of other programs. Prerequisite: None

BMX 3E1 – Marketing: Retail and Services, Workplace Preparation
Be prepared for life in the world of retail and services. Develop marketing plans and run your own retail store in our simulation game. Prerequisite: None

IDC 301 – Sports Marketing and Management, Open
Learn how to manage sports teams through fantasy sports and simulation games. Also learn how to market your favorite athlete and sports team. Prerequisite: None

BOH 4MQ– Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals, University/College Preparation
Manage your own company and learn how to do so through theory and simulation games. This course is 100% online and will get you fully prepared for post secondary life. Prerequisite: None

BAT 4MQ – Financial Accounting Principles, University/College Preparation
Take your introductory university accounting course in high school. This course is 100% online. This course will get you prepared for first year university accounting.

BBB4MV - International Business Fundamentals, University/College Preparation

This course provides an overview of the importance of international business and trade in the global economy and explores the factors that influence success in international markets. Students will learn about the techniques and strategies associated with marketing, distribution, and managing international business effectively. This course prepares students for postsecondary programs in business, including international business, marketing, and management. This course is only offered through eLearning. Prerequisite: None

Business Faculty

Mr. A. Roy, Business Department Chair, [email protected]

Mr. D. Blewett