FAQ regarding transcripts

Current Students
Current students at Barrie North can request their transcript in the Guidance Office – free of charge. The Guidance Office is open for requests in person from 7:30 a.m. to noon and 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Former Students
Former students need to complete the following forms and submit the completed forms to Barrie North Collegiate Guidance Office:

FORM A1456 - 1 Request for Transcripts and/or Education Verification
FORM A1456 - 2 Consent to Release Information to a Third Party

If you are coming to Guidance in person to collect your transcript, please ensure you are bearing photo identification with your date of birth, and the $15.00 cash fee for 1 certified copy, or $20 for 3 copies. If you are requesting your transcript by mail, or authorizing a third party to collect it on your behalf, please complete the documentation below and ensure the appropriate fees are included

Processing Requests

During the school year such requests shall be processed at the school the student attends or last attended. During the school summer shutdown, such requests shall be processed at the SCDSB Education Centre by School Services staff, where appropriate.

Processing Transcripts

Current Students Applying to University or College
The student transcript shall be sent by the electronic transfer of all student marks throughout the year to the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS) or Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC). Students who apply out-of-province or require transcripts for other purposes shall request a transcript from the school Student Services/Guidance office. Current students shall not be charged fees.

Former Students
Students Who Attended Before 1985– These records are paper-based and are stored at the school. As a result these transcript requests can only be processed during the school year by the school they last attended and may require additional processing time. The student will receive an official copy of the transcript. Fees are applicable as outlined in section 9.

Students who Attended after 1985 – These students can order their transcript online when they complete their college application (see http://www.ontariocolleges.ca). An electronic (either PDF or XML) copy of the transcript shall be securely transferred to the OCAS. Fees are applicable and shall be collected through the college application process.

Ontario University/Out-of-Province or Other Requests After 1985 – these requests may include transcripts for students to attend university or for employment verification. Students shall be provided with a signed and board-sealed official transcript. Fees as set out in section 9 will apply.

Responding to Requests During the School Year

To request transcripts or letters of education verification, parents/guardians/adult students shall complete the Request for Transcripts and/or Ontario Student Education Verification Form, FORM A1456 – 1, and submit the form to the Student Services office (secondary) or the principal (elementary). Parents/guardians may only request transcripts or letters of education verification for students under 18. All requests must be verified and authenticated as outlined below. Former students picking up their own documentation (transcripts or letters) will be required to pay the required fee and verify their identity through photo identification prior to the release of the transcript or letter. Elementary documentation shall be released to the parent/guardian.

Release to a Third Party

Where a parent/guardian/adult student requests that the documentation be picked up by a third party (includes a parent of a student over 18), the following is required: and must be borne by the third party requesting the documentation, in addition to the Request for Transcript documentation (see above):

  • A signed Consent to Release Education Verification Documentation Form, FORM A1456 – 2, authorizing the release of the transcript or education verification document to the identified third party.
  • A copy of the student's photo identification and photo identification of the person picking up the transcript or education verification document, for verification purposes. The school shall not retain copies of the photo identification. Staff will verify they have seen the identification on the appropriate form and return any copies along with the transcript or education verification document.

Transcripts will not be mailed or faxed to a third party (school, agency etc.). Individuals requesting transcripts are solely responsible for sending requested documents to any other party. Students will be provided with the official transcript in a sealed envelope that is stamped and signed across the flap to show sealed envelope is intact. Upon student verification/authentication, transcripts may be mailed to the student's current home address.

Every effort shall be made to view original identification however, in special circumstances where the student is unable to personally pick up their transcript or education verification document and/or provide a copy of their identification, the student's identity may be verified through a series of questions regarding information contained on the transcript and/or in the student information system, or in the OSR. A minimum of 5 data elements shall be verified. Such information may include, OEN (from a report card) name, address at time of attending school, date of birth, place of birth (supported by the Birth Certificate in the OSR), parent/guardian name, three non-compulsory courses taken by the student and/or grade achieved, etc. Consult with the Freedom of Information/Records Management Officer with any questions.

Responding to Requests During the Summer

Parents/guardians/adult students may request copies of transcripts and other documentation from Executive Assistants in the School Services Department (see Processing Transcripts above). Official transcripts, including the board seal, shall be issued and be signed by a Superintendent of Education or the Director of Education.

School Services staff do not have access to the OSR and can only access information that is contained in the electronic student information system; therefore, it may not be possible to process all requests. Staff assess each request on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Superintendent of Education.

If the parent/guardian/student disputes the information, the request will be referred to the appropriate Superintendent of Education.


Students currently enrolled in a SCDSB secondary school are not charged for transcripts.

The fees for each transcript request are: first copy: $15.00; each additional copy: $5.00, to a maximum of $20.00. Payment shall be by cash or online only.