What is the Student Success initiative?

The Ministry of Education has mandated that every high school in Ontario have a Student Success Team to support students as they work toward meeting their graduation requirements.

Who are the Student Success Team?

The Student Success Team consists of all staff members who are represented by: the Guidance Department lead, the Special Education Lead, the Student Success Teacher and Administration.

What are the Responsibilities of the Student Success Team?

  • Track, co-ordinate and share responsibilities for gathering data
  • Develop school procedures and models for the delivery of Student Success initiatives
  • Student monitoring, identifying and tracking
  • Direct student advocacy and mentoring
  • Student instruction and interventions
  • Student transitions with particular focus on grade 8-9 transitions
  • School-wide staff development

Student Success Initiatives

Credit Support I
Delivered through the student success room (subject specialists provide extra help), credit support I is an extra help program that runs every period of the day, every day of the week throughout the entire semester. Referral can be through a teacher, parent or the student themselves.

Credit Support II
Delivered through the student success room in the final three weeks of course, credit support II is a teacher referred support program for students to get extra help with the completion of assignments/expectations that they have not yet met but must meet in order to earn a credit.

Credit Rescue
Only through teacher referral, a student may contract to have the deadline for the submission of an assignment/expectation extended into the formal exam period. The student may have support for the completion of this work through the student success room which is available for extra help everyday throughout the formal exams.

Credit Recovery
Through teacher referral, or the approval of the Student Success Team, a student may continue to work on the expectations required to earn a credit beyond the end of the formal semester time period. Students who are working on a credit recovery are required to complete a learning contract confirming the expectations they need to demonstrate in order to achieve the credit. This contract must be signed by the credit recovery teacher, a parent/guardian and the student. Any credit earned through credit recovery will show on the student's transcript as a second attempt at the course. The original attempt at the course will be recorded as a failure (unsuccessful attempt). The credit recovery mark will reflect the level of understanding the student attains in their second attempt at demonstrating the expectations.

For further information on Simcoe County District School Board Student Success Initiatives, please refer to the following resources:

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Student Success Teacher: 
Elizabeth Shillington ext. 41056