COURSE SELECTION FOR 2024-25 will take place in January and February.  


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This year, Course Selection for 2023-24 will be completed in MY BLUEPRINT.  Students who have not activated their My Blueprint Account should see guidance. Guidance Counsellors will be assisting students in a variety of ways for course selection.  Here is our handy step by step slide show BNC 2023_24 Course Selection Guide Slide Show.pptx as well as our “How To” document for course selection.BNC COURSE SELECTION IN MY BLUEPRINT  See below for important GRADE SPECIFIC information.  


Current Grade 12 students have been mass assigned as “NOT RETURNING” to Barrie North.  If you are a current grade 12 student that will NOT be graduating in June, please see your SERT or Guidance Counsellor to assist you in selecting courses for the 2024-25 school year.  For any other grade 12 students looking to return to Barrie North for an additional year, you must come to guidance and pick up a YELLOW form.  Please see this form attached for your information but we require you to complete the Yellow copy and return to the guidance department: Request to Return After Graduation. Once you have done this, your Vice Principal will meet with you to determine next steps for the fall of 2024-25. 


Current Grade 11 students will be having Grade 11 Interviews to lay the foundation for course selection for their Grade 12 year.  These interviews are designed to ensure students are making the correct choices for their courses for Grade 12 (in line with the university / college programs and post secondary plans).  We encourage students to come to guidance to book these appointments.  


Current Grade 10 students will be met by a guidance counsellor in their Civics/Careers classes. Choosing grade 11 courses can be complicated in terms of ensuring students are selecting the correct courses for their post secondary pathway. We have many resources to help including this informative slide show! COURSE SELECTION TIPS FOR GRADE 10 STUDENTS.pptx  IF YOU ARE A GRADE 10 STUDENT WHO TOOK CIVICS / CAREERS IN THE SUMMER, PLEASE SEE YOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR FOR IMPORTANT COURSE SELECTION INFORMATION!   


Current Grade 9 students will have a guidance counsellor and SERT (if the student has an IEP) assist them with their course selections. Students will be brought down to Guidance with their classes to choose their courses and input them into the system.  Please note, when moving from Grade 9 to Grade 10, students must select a specific pathway for their compulsory courses.  Please see our guide for Grade 9 students to assist with these pathway decisions. 




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